Real Fish Cooker
Real Fish Cooker Made from 3/16" steel
Hand made 1/2" Galvanize manifold
Brass Ball control valves with positive on and off (4)
Splatter/Grease shields to prevent grease cross contamination when frying other foods (4)
(6) Utensils hooks for hanging pots, pans and utensil
(2) sets of legs 4 each one set is 30" high and the other set is 15" high this allows you to lower the unit to fry a turkey
or other large quanity of cooking.Legs has a feet at bottom to prevent sinking
-Legs are easily installed and removed without any tools (legs are 5/8 in Dia.)
- There are 4 T handles along with set nuts
- 4' long high pressure hose along with high pressure regulator that goes from 0-30 PSI
- 160,000 maximum BTU's
- Handles (2) for transporting
- Overall dimensions of fryer minus the legs are 5" high X 15" wide X 64" long
- Handles up to 15" diameter pots and pans
- weight is 135 lbs.
- Easy storage
- Can run off a 20 pound cylinder
- Controls valves can run all at the same time or individually.
- Burners are cast iron

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December 11, 2018
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